DENTAURUM Professionalism and quality

Who are we?

Dental Center DENTAURUM is located in Balti and includes dental practices, dental radiology and dental technical lab, located in three locations:

  • str. Al. cel Bun 30/1
  • str. Sf. Nicolae 61/10
  • str. Ștefan cel Mare str. 8/2

Diagnostic services and dental treatment are insured and guaranteed at the highest level of performance and professionalism.

Dental Center DENTAURUM team consists of dentists with high training, competent and enthusiastic, with solid experience in medical practice of dentistry. The main objective of the team who works at Dentaurum Center is to ensure a perfect dental health, this being performed by approaching the most modern diagnostic techniques and dental treatment.
Medical offices at Dental Center Dentaurum are equipped with modern dental equipment. In addition, our physicians, within the techniques of dental treatment, provide dental materials of last generation.

You choose us for:
Safety, refinement, comfort and elegance - we do everything possible as our patients to be satisfied with our services and to have confidence in us.
Quality and timeliness - each patient is important to us and is treated in a special way. We offer the best quality to our clients for them to smile all the time.
Loyalty and concern for patients and partners-we want to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect. That's why we're loyal to both our patients and partners.



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Where are we ?

str. Al.cel Bun 30/1, Balti
0 (231) 7 02 64  /  0 (231) 7 66 53

str. Sf.Nicolae 61/10, Balti
0 (231) 2 70 08  

str. Ștefan cel Mare 8/2 of.1 , Balti
0 (231) 2 51 84


•             Mon-Friday 8:00-20:00

•             Saturday 08:00-14:00

•             Sunday day off




+(373) 69 300 227

  +(373) 69 300 227
  +(373) 69 300 227