Dental prosthetics Dental services in Balti

Dental prosthetics is a highly complex field that is based on the function of the highly complicated and delicate human mastication organ. As in other fields, medical research and innovations may change radically the hopes to the success of prosthetic treatment.
At the Dental Center DENTAURUM you can benefit the following prosthetic services:
dental crowns, bridges, dentures, removable porcelain veneers.

1. CROWNS - a crown is a reconstruction which covers a tooth to restore its normal shape and size, consolidating and improving the appearance of the tooth. The crowns are needed when the tooth is destroyed in a great measure and fillings can not solve this problem. If a tooth is broken, a crown keeps it intact by plugging the cracks so there's no further degradation. Crowns are also used to support a larger filling when there's no enough scrap of the tooth attached to the dental bridge, to protect a weakened tooth against breaking, to restore broken teeth or to cover yellowed or deformed teeth.

2. DENTAL BRIDGES-represents a means of fixed prosthesis consisting of two or more crowns that supports a bridge which has the role to replace a missing tooth. They can be made both on natural teeth and implants and can replace one or more missing teeth. Can also be made from different materials (metal, ceramic materials, polymers, or mixed). Most often, prosthetic constructions are made of metal ceramics (steel structure above which ceramic is applied). Currently due to the development of the technologies, crowns and dental bridges can be made completely out of ceramic that can be burned, milled or pressed in special devices. Thanks to the computerized techniques and advanced technologies, dentures made by milling or pressing are very accurate. The latter presents a special color and transparency being similar to that of natural tooth. Are often indicated for the fore areas to restore the lack of anterior teeth.

3. PORCELAIN VENEERS-These are called "porcelain laminates", "laminated porcelain veneers" or simply "veneers". Veneers are like porcelain shirts that are used to create a new fore surface for a tooth. These are thin porcelain pieces modeled to have tooth shape that adapts on the front of the tooth and is located atop of the cosmetic dentistry care. Permanently bonded on the front surface of the tooth to restore or improve the position, shape or color of the tooth, they can create a drastic and immediate difference for someone's smile and facial appearance. Veneers are a wonderful resolve to such common problems as gaps (spaces between the two front teeth) or crocked, crooked, missing, discolored, edentulous, deformed or inappropriately positioned teeth.

4. REMOVABLE DENTURES-mobile dentures: some people can wear dentures without total stability problems, but it is not an unusual problem for total prosthesis bearer to experience pain and damage to the gums and buccal cavity, or difficulty in eating or speaking. Many wearers of total prosthesis are worried that dentures may slip and i could put in embarrassing situations. Partial denture: when several teeth missing, a removable partial denture may represent the solution needed to fill the spaces. Partial dentures are usually attached to natural teeth, by unsightly hooks. These visible elements can overburden existing natural teeth and cause tooth decay.




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