Dental laboratory Dental services in Balti

Dental lab- the place where crowns, dental bridges, ceramic veneers, different prostheses etc. are made- plays a very important role in dentistry. It's obviously in charge of the quality of prosthetic work, how quickly the patient benefits from it, the number of meetings to which he is subjected.

As a last resort, it decisively contributes to patient's pleasure in having a beautiful and perfectly functional work with minimal effort.
After the treatments in the office, the doctor also mark the prosthetic field. This method registers the position of teeth, gums and dental abutments that will support future work. Henceforth, dental laboratory involvement is decisive for the final result.

Thus the presence of laboratory within the dental office is a great help for the dentist.
Next-generation facilities, long experience and well trained technicians are some of the essential component for underlying performance and quality offered by Dental Center Dentaurum to the patients.
Our dental technicians cover all sub-branches involved in the activity: casting dental models, metal, ceramic application, creation of dental prostheses and other specific services.



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