Implantology Dental services in Balti

Contrary to expectations, implantology is less painful than, for example, the treatments on the root canal. Simultaneous implantation of two or more implants is less traumatic, because a single surgery is performed, a single incision of the gum, a singular healing and so on. Multiple implantation is the easiest to support of all the alternatives.
We are at your disposal with a customized treatment plan on any brand of implants, from those presented below. You can take advantage of our discount for multiple implants in the same session.

Dental Implant AB
Dental Implant Megagen-AnyOne
Dental Implant Megagen-AnyRidge

With an innovative design, the patented AnyRidge system offers performance, stability and ability to be able to immediately prosthesis with one or more prosthetic elements. The aesthetic results are excellent even in the most demanding applications. It is recommended for molars and in situations in which the patient does not have a bone of the highest quality. With a unique design, AnyRidge implant comes to help the doctor through easy insertion in bone density and a rapid and progressive osseointegration.

Megagen-AnyRidge implant is one of the most requested types of dental implants both by the prosthetist and implant doctor as well as by the patients due to its multiple advantages and good aesthetic results.

The price includes all the implants insertion and workmanship. Bone grafting, sinus lift, suitable prosthetic abutment and crown implants are to be payed separately.

Implant Dentar Megagen - AnyRidge 




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