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The importance of scaling:
for a long time it's been observed that the lack of oral hygiene or it's poor performance causes the deposition of tartar and stain appearance on the surface of the teeth.
Prophylaxis and scaling normally should be done with an interval of 6 months, regardless of whether or not there is inflammation of the gums or bleeding. It's the first recommended method for prophylaxis against caries and periodontal disease. In individuals that accumulate tartar faster, scaling can be done every 3-4 months.

The first sign of tartar is gum inflammation and their frequent bleeding during brushing.
At first tartar has a white-yellowish color. Meanwhile, because of the food consumed and smoking, it takes on a brownish color. It occurs in a period of 12-24 hours after the last brushing, leading to the formation of tooth decay and periodontal pain.

Scaling is absolutely necessary for preventing periodontal pain but also to slow down its evolution. Tartar can occur at any age, both in adults and in children. Removal can only be done by the doctor through scaling.
Scaling is a mandatory part within the oral-dental hygiene and prevention of gum disease.

Depending on the location on the tooth, in relation to gingival edge, plaque can be supragingival or subgingival. Areas prone to plaque deposition are:
1. The inner surface of the lower teeth;
2. The surface on the cheek of third upper molars;
3. Teeth unused in chewing;
4. Crowded teeth;
5. Areas where hygiene is neglected;
6. The surface of bridges and dentures.

Many patients make a mistake opposing the scaling doctor recommends even at the first session, making the objection that the removal of the stone would weaken the teeth.
The doctor will have to convince the patient that removal of the stone not only cannot bring any shortcoming, but on the contrary, it is an absolutely necessary intervention for a good condition of the teeth.
Scaling can be done manually or by means of ultrasound devices and those with airflow.
In conclusion, scaling must be the first procedure done before the beginning of any dental treatment, to provide dentists a good visibility, in order to obtain a correct and complete diagnosis.


Professional brushing is a prevention measure that must be done at least once every 3 months.
Professional brushing removes plaque from the surface of the teeth, as well dental stains caused by colored food, smoking, excessive consumption of tea, coffee or red wine.
Professional brushing is performed in office, with a round brush mounted to the seat and a special dental paste with different flavors, thus ensuring a more deep cleaning and polishing of teeth surface.


Air-Flow is a prevention and care treatment which helps to complete a professional cleaning. This process is accomplished by using a device that generates a stream of air with water and baking soda under high pressure, the stream being projected on both surfaces of the teeth and interdental areas as well subgingival-areas inaccessible for manual brushing. The water stream that contains abrasive particles of baking soda efficiently removes tartar and all existing dental stains on the teeth surface.



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