Orthodontic Dental services in Balti

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that includes diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. It deals with the study and treatment of dental-facial malocclusions (improper bites), which may result from incorrect teeth position or bones, or incongruent alveolar dental arches. Braces, aligners and other types of orthodontic or orthopedic appliances are used to correct the anomalies through the movement of teeth and bones.

In our clinic there are numerous types of orthodontic treatments which you can choose from, from the mobile devices to different types of fixed ones.

Orthopedic mobile devices

To prevent the myofunctional habits, such as oral breathing, infant type of swallowing, finger sucking or nail gnawing, special orthodontic techniques are used aimed at correcting and aligning crooked teeth.

Orthodontic techniques involve the use of a series of devices that can be worn both 1-2 hours every day and over the night, during sleep.
Daily use of myofunctional devices combined with regular activities-to improve breathing, tongue's muscle function and its posture-has as a result the straightening of the teeth, contributing to an optimal facial development and healthy smile.

Fixed orthodontic devices SUCCESSFULLY USED IN OUR CLINIC:

o The price of this type is lower compared to the rest of the orthodontic appliances;
o It is suitable for any type of dental anomaly;
o Being made of metal, it's very strong;
o For kids and even for adults there is the option to "color" the braces thanks to the different colors and even shapes of the elastics.


o With the help of white or cream color of the braces, and the white arc passing through them, ceramic braces are almost unnoticed.
o Besides the aesthetic one, the advantage of using the ceramic braces is that they don't stain. The rubber bands around them are changed every month, enabling the maintenance of hygiene and flawless look.
o Being made of ceramics-a brittle material-it is advised to pay attention to solid food as there's a risk of braces' breakage.


o Treatment with sapphire braces offers a solution for patients with special aesthetic requirements. Individual characteristics of braces give precise results.
o Given that patients seek out physiognomy, less visible alternative, sapphire braces may be the best option for orthodontic treatment.
o Each sapphire bracket is made from single crystal of pure ceramics, one of the most resistant materials, ranked second after diamond.
o Sapphire braces offer an exceptional control of the dental rotations due to the size of the braces-data provided by the latest studies in this field.
o For adults there is the option to "color" the braces thanks to the different colors and even shapes of the rubber band.

Bracket application method on the teeth is simple, safe and painless. They stick to the tooth with the help of special materials made of glass ionomer or composite used in orthodontics. The archwire- the wires- represent the mobile part of the mechanism. These archwires are changed periodically in order to be able to apply appropriate strengths and to allow movement of the teeth.


Discover 5 most important reasons to wear dental braces and the way you can have a killer smile:

Correct functionality-the most important benefit of wearing braces is acquiring a correct bite position, which is less exposed to the formation of dental cavities, fractures and periodontal problems.
You can wear it anytime-improper position of the teeth and bite position can be corrected at any age. Indeed, orthodontics problems can be solved much easier during childhood and growth period, but their remedy is not excluded during adult period.

Better digestion-Researches done in various research centers, such as Baylor University-Faculty of Dentistry, demonstrated that malocclusion (misalignment of teeth or incorrect relationship between the teeth of the two dental arches) interferes with the ability to chew and break food, which affects our digestion and, ultimately, the overall health of the body.
A killer smile though treatment can last for a long period of time, choosing braces can give you the smile you've always wanted. You will be able to smile without having to hide your teeth and will have much more confidence in yourself.
Correct bite position-the most important benefit is a correct bite position, which leads to less exposure of tooth decay formation, dental fractures, periodontal problems.
Following a decision of orthodontic treatment is taken by the physician together with the patient depending on the issue. Orthodontic problems decide on the type of device to be used, their functionality being different.
The price for braces can vary depending on the complexity of the intervention. Dental Center Dentaurum provides you with the best service so that you have the smile you've always wanted!



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