Mouth guards are a way of oral cavity protection for it covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce the stress upon the teeth, dental arches, lips and gums.
Mouth guards are widely used for protection by the athletes, as a treatment for bruxism, TMJ protection or as part of a specific dental treatment.

Night bruxism mouth guards

Bruxism is a disease which is manifested through teeth grinding often while asleep and without knowing this.
Grinding can cause pain and even tooth loss, enamel fractures, tooth surface wear, fatigue, headaches and jaw pain. Bruxism is caused by the lack of some teeth, an incorrect bite, psychological and physical factors.

Bruxism is a disease that harms the health of the teeth over time, so we recommend that you bring your child for a visit to the Dental Center Dentaurum in order a mouth guard for bruxism treatment to be modeled. This dental tray neutralizes the patient's bite force and helps change behavior.

At the first visit to the Dental Center DENTAURUM the dentist will take child's teeth imprints and on the second visit he will show how to fasten and adjust it to child's bite. These trays are of many kinds, your dentist will recommend the most suitable material.


Swarovski dental jewelry

Ultima tendinta in domeniu modei reprezinta aplicarea a doua bijuterii dentare...


Mouth guards for athletes

Mouth guards should be an important element in your child's sports equipment!



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